Last Sunday of December and of the year!
Interestigly enough, last year at the same period we were burried in snow, but today we are just experiencing a fall weather, with beautiful sunlights to cheer us up! I must admit, I do miss snow, but I am also happy for the current weather, as I can easily spend my day outside, walking around. I think I might even go for a run later in the day, so as to slowly get back into working out regularly. I have been quite distracted on the workout front this whole month of December. With the new year that is about to come, it is about time I got back on track.

Here are some end of the year posts around the world that I have been enjoying this weekend (as always, after the jump).

Photography by Angi Welsch.
Madewell has shared some great alternatives to bubbly New Years Eve celebrations on their blog, and I love most of them. I have been in a very calm state lately, especially as it concerns end of year celebrations. Everyone around me is planning parties, or where to go and celebrate, but I am in another state altogether. I want to do something different, something new. So I think I might give a try to some of Madewell's suggestions. What about you? Any New Years Eve plans?
Photography by Sophie @ The Private Life Of A Girl
Sophie released her end of the year blogging recap. Head over to her blog to see her most popular posts of 2014!
Photography by Olivia Rae James
Olivia recently got engaged (Congratulations!) and to commemorate this, she shared a lovely post of the best weddings she had the pleasure to capture through her lens in 2014. If you are feeling a bit romatic, or just love wedding photography, head over to Olivia Rae James' blog to get inspired.
Photography by Heather Mulholland
I know Christmas is long gone, but I think eating white chocolate peppermint cookies throughout the holiday season is totally acceptable. What do you think? I love following Heather's recipes and looking at her beautiful photos.
Photography by Anushka
Not too long ago I did a little reflection on 2014, and then I came accross Anushka's questions to help us reflect, appreciate and get excited for 2015. I might turn my answers into a post before 2015 hit, but then again, I might now. We will see. But if you do reflect on your year somewhere on the internet, drop me a link so I can go read your thoughts.


  1. That's funny, for me it's quite the opposite: last year winter just wouldn't seem to come around and this year we've been blessed with a snowy post-Christmas weekend. If you miss the snow, I have shared some pictures on my blog :)

    Happy Holidays!

  2. It all comes down to climate change, Kristien! But I am glad to have sunny days, even if playing in the snow would be more festive!

    Happy holidays to you too!


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