Today I want to take time to just relax and recuperate from a long week of hard work. Midterms are over now, and I am pleased with how well I have been performing so far in my graduate courses. I am also making progress with my manuscript, and hope to submit for journal review by end of November. Science is quite demanding but I love it! I am very grateful for the opportunities that have been given me so far. Conducting research and pursuing a graduate program are really wonderful milestones of my life. I am currently applying for a job, so hopefully something comes by soon. But I remain hopeful and positively anxious about what new journey awaits me!

Some links i've been liking lately...

Courtesy of "Serial" via The New Yorker
 Serial. The compelling new podcast from the folks at This American Life unfurls one real-life mystery each season, week by week, in 15 installments. Up now: a fascinating murder case in which everyone’s a suspect. If you love mysteries, murder cases, House of Cards... this podcast is for you. Listen to it on iTunes, Serial's website, SoundCloud.
Courtesy of Calico via Cup Of Jo
I will probably be moving apartments in the next month or so, and I have been thinking of ways to decorate my upcoming new space. Love the idea of using wallpapers and especially in love in Calico's products!
Jenny shares 10 questions she asks herself before publishing content on her blog. It's an interesting read and recommend to anyone who curates content for a public audience.
These blueberries streusel muffins look so tasty! I am really eager to get back into baking. Have been missing freshly baked goods and Helena hasn't helped the matter with her beautiful photos.
Look at this lovely rustic candle. It's pumpkin spiced. Perfect for fall.  What if I told you it was homemade? And that you could make your own version of it? The lovely Kinsey shares with us the recipe and the steps in crafting your own homemade scented candle.

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