As I had mentioned in my last posts, I was supposed to move this weekend, but there was a last minute change of plans. Right now I am still at my apartment, sipping on coffee, catching up with the world and thinking about what to do next. I currently find myself in some sort of limbo, a state that I really dislike to be in. I like to plan ahead, know where I am going. But I also promised myself to dare more this year, and thus here I am, waiting to see if the opportunity for which I pretty much put my life on pause, presents itself. I hope to find out within the next couple of days. Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy my coffee and read, and keep up with my graduate coursework.

How is everyone's weekend going on? Let's catch up in the comments section ;)

Some Links I Have Been Loving Lately...
[+] With Halloween approaching, I have been looking up clever foods/drinks to make. Love the idea of a spooky drink, just the idea gives me chills!
[+] Tara has partnered with other lovely ladies bloggers to host a giveaway for her birthday. Quick, hop over her blog to enter to win a $255 gift card to This Is Paper Shop. The giveaway closes on 10.13.2014
[+] I have been trying to eat more kale, but it is not the yummiest vegetable out there. But this Chopped kale with proscuitto and figs salad gives me another reason to keep up with my eating resolution.
[+] Olivia's mushroom foraging beautiful pictures!
[+] Can't get enough of the beautiful reds and views captured by Roxy of the fall foliage in Korea! Can somebody transport me there now?



  1. I hate being in limbo too. I guess it's because it's a moment where we're stuck with our own thoughts without the ability to take action (yet). But hang in there! I'm sure good things are coming your way :)

    1. I hope you are right, Kristien! Thank you for the support and for stopping by! Have a lovely week!

  2. alors les exams? et coté déménagement? toujours dans l'incertitude?

    tu as essayé de mélanger le chou frisé avec des fruits dans ton smoothie? :)

    1. Les exams sont finis! :D J'attends les resultats d'un des exams mais sinon j'ai valide ;) Et ppur le demenagement j'attends encore de voir pour le boulot.
      Pour ce qui est du chou frise, non je n'y ai pas songe. Je vais essayer ca et te dire si j'ai aime ou pas :)Tu fais beaucoup de smoothies?

    2. alleluia lol c'est cool :)
      oui j'essaie d'en faire souvent mais le légume que moi j'aime ajouter à mes fruits c'est le bébé épinard ou l'épinard.

    3. Oui j'aime beaucoup l'epinard aussi :D Tres bon!


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