I was supposed to have finished with this program a week ago, but because of the flu and the bad weather here in Texas, I only worked out 3 days out of the 5 and decided to redo week 12 this  past week. I am happy to say that I have finally and successfully completed Phase I of the BiteSizedFitness 12 week challenge!
 When I began this journey, I was about 160lbs and today I am at a good 149lbs. My initial goal was to just get to a 150lbs mark. And as you can see, this goal has been accomplished. Of course, I am still far from a flat stomach and well defined arms, but I am working on it. I went from a size 10 to a size 6. It is safe to say that most of my pants don't fit me anymore and my dresses sit better on me now. I don't plan to go crazy shopping for new clothes anytime soon, as I am now hoping to reach my next weight loss target of 139lbs. Good thing that Alyse has provided us with a follow up 12 weeks routine! I am super excited to start with Phase 2 of the challenge tomorrow. Also, I want to incorporate some yoga on weekends, since I tend to not workout at all on weekends. I also want to commit doing abs 5x times a week, instead of the 2x a week Alyse recommends. 
Here is a quick review of my measurements as of today (I had my measurements taken yesterday by the school's DO students. Gotta love DO Dash!) :
Weight: 150.0lbs
BMI: 26.6
Fat%: 29
As you can see, my BMI is a bit high for my age/height. I need to get down to the 25 ratio. As for fat% I am in the "Average" zone, but need to go down to the 20-25 range. I wish I had those measurements taken before I started the challenge. I just know that my BMI used to be in the 30s range last summer, but I have no idea how much fat% I had. Oh well. 
I really hope to be all toned and fit by New Years Eve and start 2015 in beauty! But I am really happy with my progress and my commitment to this healthy lifestyle that I have been working on implementing for myself since end of 2013. I can't wait to see what I will look like by January. I will try to keep a more recurrent progress report around here. Let me know if you have any questions that you'd like answered and I will create a dedicated Q&A panel.

Have a wonderful end of the weekend!


  1. Wow! That's so inspirational! Good job!

    1. Thank you, Jessica :) I really hope to achieve my next goal and be the fittest I've ever been :)

  2. OMG coco mais quel corps!!!! <3
    bravo!!! c'est pas du gateau tout ce travail, en plus c'est sain et bon pour la santé et le corps.
    Faudrait aussi que je me bouge un peu plus
    mais dit-moi taille 6 c'est pas déjà assez mince?! j'espère que tu vas pas trop abusé quand même car trop mince c'est pas très beau non plus ;)

    1. hahaha merci meme si je suis encore loin d'un ventre plat et de beaux bras! Mais j'y travaille. Taille 6 c'est pas trop mince. Surtout qu'on parle de taille 6 aux US. T'inquietes, je ne cherche pas a etre super mince. Je veux juste arriver a un bon BMI et etre ferme sans avoir la graisse qui deglingole de partout >_< haha Je suis d'accord que trop mince ce serait abuser, mais c'est pas mon but donc t'inquietes ;)

  3. Lovely blog :)

  4. Hey hey j'aime ma Coco work it out!! ça te va si bien bisoutessss


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