Two weeks ago I received my VoxBox courtesy of Influenster and Victoria's Secret (VS)! Needless to tell you how excited I was. I wanted to wait to actually try the box's contents before sharing my thoughts with you. VS packaged very nicely the items (as usual). It was like opening a gift on Christmas morning!

This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.

So what did I get in my VoxBox?
- The Standout VS Sport Bra*  in Marl Black - find similar here.
- Knockout by VS crop pants*  in Black - find similar here.
- 10 25% off coupons to share with my friends

Some might say that I was blessed with a generous cleavage. For the longest time, I will admit I had hard time finding a bra that would fit me perfectly. Today it is still quite a battle, but I have been able to narrow down some brands that actually do the job pretty well at providing me with support when needed. Now this is not something that I could say about sports bras. In fact, I gave up on ever finding a bra that would really do the job. I will be honest: I was not a big Victoria's Secret bra fan. In fact, I had purchased about 4 bras from them and within a month I found that they lost their support and beauty. And if you have shopped at VS, you know those bras don't come cheap. It is probably why I never even considered trying their sports bras, I wasn't sold by the brand. When Influenster and VS sent me one of their sport bra to try, I was skeptical and at the same time hopeful that this would be it. I have now worn the bra about six times since I received it, wearing it mostly on my 5K running days (which are 3 times a week). I found that the bra is very comfortable and gives me excellent support. I tend to even forget I am wearing a bra and my boobs are not flying around anymore! I also washed the bra couple of times to make sure it was not the "placebo" effect. So far, the bra is holding its shape and actually doing its job. Not like my previous sport bra which name I will not disclose but had cost me more! Lets just say that I will not be going back to the old brand for my sports bras.

What I like the most about the Standout sport bra:
- the wireless gel support, it makes the bra a real pleasure to wear while offering great support!
- the super soft elastic band which does give me all the comfort I need while moving around.
- the fact that the bra's padding absorbs well the sweat, so that I feel dry all the time I am running.

What I like the least about it: The straps adjusters. I found that as I run long distances, the adjusters of the straps move up, releasing the desired support from the bra. The bra still holds up pretty well, but this is clearly a flaw in the design. I think if they put on more rigid adjusters, the straps would not ride up and the bra would just be perfect!

Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes. Definitely yes! Overall this bra is worth the money.

Now, what about the crop pants I received?
They are just perfect. I have been looking for a flaw, but so far nothing! 

What I like the most about the Knockout VS Crop pants:
- They are super soft and breathable. In fact, they are made in a way that even if I sweat, I feel cool and dry all the time!
- I love that they have a hidden drawstring! When I received them in Medium size I was worried because I have been losing weight and all my sport pants are too loose to be worn. But seeing a drawstring made me very happy because even if I do lose/gain weight, I will still be able to wear them!
- They are very comfortable
- They have a hidden pocket on the back of your hips, which is a plus to store that key!

What I like the least about the pants: Like I said before, I have yet to find something I dislike about them. I totally need to get a second pair!

Would I recommend them to a friend? YES!

Pfieeewwww! That was a long post, but I had to share with you my thoughts! I don't really get this excited about my freebies and as I have mentioned it in my disclaimer, I only share with you items worth mentioning. Victoria's Secret did an amazing job with this Sport line, and I just had to say it. I still won't buy their regular bras, but as far as Sport gear, they have me sold! Again thank you to Influenster who kindly sent me these products for testing and reviewing purposes.

Have you tried any of VS Sport items?


  1. c'est l'ensemble que tu portes sur ton dernier post? Il te va super :)
    Je me suis aussi acheté quelques trucs de sports dernièrement mais bien sur pas de grandes marques :D tout ca pour me motiver mais bon c'est pas encore ça X'D

    Mon seul dernier exploit ce fut il y'a un mois 1h35 a vélo pendant que mon copain courait (lui son hobby c'est le sport, rien a voir avec moi -.-' ). Bref j'ai plus l'habitude du vélo et puis comme c'était un vélo que je ne maitrisais pas, j'avais peur au niveau des pentes en descente et je suis tombée à une lol.
    Résultats belles cicatrices sur les jambes (surtout sur mon genou gauche) et à 2 doigts XD... Et puis mal au popotin après car j'avais pas la culotte adéquate qui protège contre les frottements du siège du vélo... Enfin bref...

    1. Oui, Diane. C'est bien cet ensemble :) Et Merci, t'es trop gentille :)
      J'espere que tu arriveras a te motiver et te mettre au sport. Ca te changera :D Donnes toi 3 mois d'assiduite et tu veras le resultats, autant sur le plan moral que physique. Si tu as besoin de quoi que ce soit, fais moi signe!

      Et le velo c'est bien! Peut-etre que tu pourrais en faire plus souvent? Mais par contre attention a ne pas retomber! C'est dommage que tu te sois blessee la derniere fois :-/ J'espere que ca ne t'a pas decourage?

  2. :)
    Je me suis remise avec mon dvd sur la danse du ventre, pour l'instant je vais juste +/+ 30 mins. C'est un peu comme du fitness. :)
    Donc pour l'instant juste fitness et pas de vélo surtout que le temps commence à se rafraichir et que je ne possède pas encore de vêtements sportifs appropriés pour cette période de l'année..

    1. Ah mais c'est deja bien! Un peu de fitness c'est bien pour le corps et le moral :) L'essentiel est de bouger, comment tu le fais c'est autre chose! Donc c'est super! Continue sur cette lancee ;)


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