All the things I need to talk to you guys about! And I just get distracted! Like for example about my recent escapade to Dallas with my friend Lyna, me seeing Passenger in concert... or introduce you to a new gem of mine.

By gem, I mean this new cookbook I am super infatuated with. Like a lot. I have been rambling about its awesomeness that I'm sure I have exhausted my friends' ears. I just can't help it - when something awesome happens to me, I just have to share it!

So what i wanted to share with you today is a review of a Bahn Mi cookbook! Yup, that's right! All that Banh Mi talk for the last couple posts have led to me acquiring* a cookbook. I cannot stress how excited I was and still am about it. So let me tell you about Andrea Nguyen's Banh Mi Handbook...

What is this cookbook about? Banh Mi! Like Every. Single. Type. And For. Everyone. Yup, even for you my vegetarian friends! How awesome is that? 

Who does the cookbook target? Everyone who enjoys a good vietnamese sandwich.

What recipes spiked my interest? Garlic pepper pork tenderloin, Headcheese terrine, Hanoi grilled chicken, Grilled lemongrass pork, Peppery portobello, Banh Mi salad.

Why a Handbook? This cookbook is designed as to guide any Banh Mi novice (like myself) to master the art of this sandwich. The cookbook goes from introducing us to the history of the sandwich and its name, to building our Bahn Mi pantry, and how to prepare the key sauces, bake the bread and assemble every single ingredient for a wonderful result. Andrea Nguyen goes into every single detail, answering all the questions you might have as to how to get such and such results. I must say I was very pleased by how well constructed this cookbook is. It is not just a collection of recipes, but a real "How-To" guide that takes you each step of the way in crafting that delicious sandwich you have been dreaming of (ok, maybe not you, but I have been for quite a while now). 

What to expect from it? Lots of useful tips and tricks. Beautiful photographies. Great pointers. Close to 60 easy to follow recipes.

Find out more about the book here and about Andrea Nguyen here.

* I make every effort to test and review products fairly and transparently. The views expressed in this review are my personal views and this particular product review was not sponsored or paid for in any way by the publishing house or an agent working on their behalf. However, Blogging for Books did send me the product for testing and review purposes.


  1. hum ça donne faim
    j'avoue que si j'étais riche j'aurais toutes sortes de livres de cuisine et essayerai pleins de choses car je pourrais me payer tous les ingredients que je veux sans restrictions * . * le rêve lol

    1. Haha moi de meme! J'aime beaucoup les livres de cuisine. Mais dis moi, si je t'envois un livre de cuisine en anglais, tu penses t'en sortir? :)

  2. peut-être si les recettes ne sont pas trop longues :D


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