[1]I am doing my best not to get anxious about my upcoming move. The month is already half way through and I haven't even began packing. I did however purchase the moving boxes and plan on getting around it this weekend.
[2] This week has been pretty crazy in lab and with my classes. I cannot believe I have already survived two weeks as a JHU student! In less than 3 more weeks I will be taking my very first midterm exam of this new graduate student life. I am excited and at the same time being cautious. I want to do better than well at JHU. I want to excel. But I am happy that my lab work is coming along. I think I am almost ready to start working on the first draft of my manuscript.
[3]I also started week 9 of the BiteSizedFitness challenge! I am so happy to see how far I've come physically. I don't see going to the gym as a burden anymore, I actually look forward to it. Today I even went on an almost 5K run (did 2.7miles) after completing my shoulders workout.
[4]My life is slowly shaping itself and I am grateful for that. I did however experience a lot of daily frustrations this month and I so don't like it. I really need to regroup and find my inner peace.
[5]I'm currently reading Hillary Clinton's latest biographical work - HRC. I have forgot how much I enjoy reading nonfiction. I have been on a fiction bandwagon for a while now and lately I felt like I was missing something. Some reality, that's was probably it! But I am happy that I switched my gears and I am looking forward to reading other non-fictional works. Got any recommendations?

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