Today I officially started week 6 of the BiteSizedFitness challenge! I am so amazed by how dedicated I have been at this program. I have not skipped a day since I started this and I am more determined to get to the end of it.

What started as a mere curiosity thing, has slowly turned me into a workout lover. I hated lifting, but now am actually looking forward to the next day's workout. And I must admit, I am actually looking forward to feeling sore. Of course as time passes by, I don't get as sore as I used to, and that kind of drives me nuts. Sore is good. The funny thing is, my friend Josh had warned me of this when I started, complaining about how sore I was. He told me that one day I would wish I was sore without ever being able to reach the same momentum I did on day 1. Once again, you were right Joshua! 

I have one more reason to be excited today. When I first started this challenge I had hard time doing machine leg raises. I was struggling to get to 10, and that meant stopping all the time. Well today I was surprised by how easy it was for me to do 10 leg raises without feeling the burn. I even increased my number of reps to 15 for 3 sets!!! This is proof enough that my core has been getting stronger. I am really amazed. 

Weight wise... I had a bit of a hard time dropping weight by the end of last week and I was very annoyed that I was plateauing. But this week I was happy to see the number on the scale move a bit. Current weight: 153.6lbs. Mind you, I started at 159lbs. I hope to get down to 149lbs by next week. I hope to be as close to 140lbs by the end of this challenge as possible. I will keep you ladies updated :)

MJ suggested I'd take a before/after picture. I wasn't sure if I should do that considering that I am halfway through with this challenge, but then I thought: why not? So when all is said and done, I will share with you the before/after shot. Hopefully it will be good! I have seen how amazing the girls from the BiteSizedArmy look post challenge and that has given me hope that I too can get there. And if you are looking for a new workout routine, I'd encourage you to get on board and check Alyse's website!

How have you been keeping yourself fit and healthy?

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  1. Les débuts sont toujours difficiles, c'est bien que tu t'y sois habituée :) il faudrait que je fasse pareil :D motivation où est tu? :P


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