[01] I am working hard to get a scientific paper published. It makes me anxious at times, not because I doubt by abilities, but because I'm dying of impatience inside of me. I really want to generate enough data and begin the writing process. But everytime I think I am almost close to the finishing line, a new problem arises... [02] I feel sad to leave Texas in a month. I have made this place my home and I know that moving away will mean moving away from the wonderful people I have had the pleasure to call my friends. I know there will be a lot more things I will miss about this state, like the wonderful Mexican restaurants, the Southern Hospitality, wearing summer clothes during winter... [03] I also cannot wait to start this new chapter of my life. Being a Graduate Student at Johns Hopkins will (hopefully) open many doors. I cannot wait to experience my new Alma Mater and meet new faces. Hopefully I will like living up "North". [04] Time is quickly slipping away and I have so much to do (as always). I wish I had Hermione's time turner necklace... [05] I feel like recently my life has been taking a drastic turn. Not in a bad way, but rather in a new good (unexpected?) way that sometimes, when I take the time to pause and notice it, it frightens me. Not because I am afraid of all the good news, but rather because I am afraid that once the good cards have been dealt, I will start seeing the bad ones. But! I remain positive that it might just be that my luck has turned... and it's all for the best.

What is currently up with you?

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