Eat - Okay, I need to try these sandwich combinations ASAP! They look tasty and something I will enjoy to have during my lunch breaks. Also, it will help a lot in saving money from eating out. Martha Stewart's lunch recommendations are definitely going into my to try list. Yum!

Photograph - Love this shot by Photographer Patricia Almeida which showcases the "levitating" umbrellas in one of Aguéda (Portugal) streets. It makes me giddy, as it reminds me of Mary Poppins  - for its umbrellas, and of course Up! - for the myriad of beautiful colors right up there. For more of Almeida's wonderful photography, check out her Flickr account .

DIY - Because you never know when you might need a succulent boutonniere, or just because you might feel crafty over the weekend. Either way, Ez from Creature Comforts put together an awesome tutorial for us in that regard. And if you don't feel like getting your hands dirty, well, you can always hop over there to look at the beautiful pictures of the assembly process.

Drink - It's officially summer and with that comes the desire to relax with a cool drink at hand. Cocorrina invites us to try and make our own lemon lavender soda, to complement those hot days ahead. I don't know about you, but I am already thinking of where to get my lavender fix.

Blog - Loving today Rubi from She Lets Her Hair Down's blog, which focuses on what Rubi does best - hair. There she gives tips on how to take care of hair, shows some hairstyles ideas and talks about hair care as a professional ought to. 

Learn - I love wine. Drinking it, learning about it and what not. My retirement plan? Become an owner of a vineyard and make my own wine. Mhmmm. Until then, here is a nifty basic wine guide for all of you wine wannabe connoisseurs.

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