Last week I uploaded a new short story on my other blog A Tale Of Short Stories, and was happy to see how much people actually liked it. I am still searching myself in each story I write, trying to find my own voice. I am trying to explore human relationships, in all aspects and so I try to have my stories translate that. Of course from time to time, I do deviate from this objective of mine and write something totally unrelated -- but I still try. 

If you have read my bucket list, you know that I want to take part in a writing contest at some point before I turn 27. Most of the contests out there are quite intimidating to be honest, and I don't feel like I am ready yet to take the plunge. Of course that is what I have been thinking and feeling these  past months/years. Of course this weekend when I uploaded my latest story and people have been responding to it positively, I felt so happy that I have been thinking: why not? Why not try out for a contest?

It has been three days now and this idea is looking better and better. I think I can always count on fear to hold me back, but until I try I cannot be sure of how things might go. And I want to try. This is why later this week, I plan on submitting two of my stories to this Short Story Contest hosted by RTÉ Guide/ Penguin Ireland. Getting some sort of feedback from professionals would already be an accomplishment. And that is all I am really going for at the moment.

I am quite excited just thinking of it. 
To think I will finally do it!

PS: You can read my story here.
PPS: Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Just read your story, I love it! It is so raw and chilling to read. You really painted the emotions of this type of real situation perfectly.

    1. Thank you Jessica! It really warms my heart that you liked it :D


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