Time goes by fast. It really does. Today marks my last Friday in Douala for the year of 2014. So much has happened since I came home for what was supposed to be a two week break, and which turned into a two (2!!!) months escapade. I saw an important door shut in my face in May, but everything just turned out for the best in the end. Next fall I will be attending the Graduate school of my dreams and probably moving to another state. Of course, I will get into more details about the upcoming life changes a little bit later. Right now, I just want to enjoy the last few days I have left here, and looking back at the few shots I took here and there with my iPhone, I realize that I have had quite a good - resting time in Douala. I have taken full advantage of this break to be creative - baking, drawing/painting and writing again. I am not sure all those activities will please my professor, but I couldn't resist the distraction. Plus spending time with family and friends, playing all day with our dog Lucy, staring at the wilderness of the city/country, reading until my eyes hurt, sleeping in, listening to the tropical rain and indulging in local/mom's food... could life really be any sweeter?

Sometimes you just need less to feel more. 

And here is to more.

Love, Colette


  1. you are coming back!! party time!! :D

  2. I adore your positivity and bright outlook on life, I can learn a great deal from you. A HUGE good luck to starting the new graduate school - I am proud of you! It sounds like you are having a lovely time - I'd like to see a picture of Lucy!
    Jasmine xo

    1. Thank you, Jasmine! It really warms my heart all the nice things you've written here :) I guess, as I grow older I realize that life is more enjoyable than what we tend to believe. As for a picture of Lucy, i will share one with you once I find a good one ;)



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