Blog - I recently discovered Sophie's blog and have been going over each of her posts. I love the simplicity and how well curated each posts are and I really hope that someday, my posts will be as elegant and as well documented as hers. Sophie writes about beauty, fashion and also lifestyle. Check her out over at The Private Life Of A Girl.

Shot - I love, love, love Rosie from The Londoner. Her blog posts are so fresh and fun! I also love following her on instagram for some daily snaps, like this shot she took this week. Two glasses of wine to celebrate. Puts you right in the festive mood, doesn't it? Follow Rosie on google+ ( +RosieLondoner) and instagram @RosieLondoner 

TV - Since last year when season one aired on FX, I have been obsessed with The Americans. It's such a great show that I feel people should be more aware of. If you like spy games, good plots, great acting and story lines well built, then you should check it out. USA vs. The URSS. FBA vs. KGB. The game is on!

Eat - My love for food has no boundaries. Heck, I even start dreaming of food when looking at gorgeous food pictures as captured by this duo of father and daughter over at What To Cook Tonight. The father is the cook and the daughter is the photograph. Every week they offer you recipes to download for a small fee ($0.50/recipe), as well as step by step videos of the said recipes. I love their website and cannot wait to start collecting all of their easy to make food ideas!

Also... Loving this poem by BlackHeart over at

Close Your Eyes!
You want to close your eyes,
and pretend that everything is okay.
That you are not losing your mind.
That for once your truly happy.
But you can't close your eyes.
You need to watch around you. 
Watch as the people around you smile.
Act like you can too.
You can smile,
You can laugh,
but what about for real?
Do you really feel that way?
I truly hope you do.
Because the dark,
it can be very haunting.

That is all for today. I am wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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