Sometimes in 2012 I made one of the best purchases ever: I gifted myself a Kindle Touch 4th Generation (on the right). I wanted to have a digital book without the extra internet browsing, movie watching, music listening and so on that the Fire offers as well as other tablets. I read an move a lot so having something light and reliable was a must. I must say that 2 years after, my Touch has not deceived me. Of course, as soon as I had purchased it and shown it to my mom, she wanted one. By then, the Paperwhite (on the left) came out and I wanted to upgrade. Last month I finally made the purchase and got myself the Kindle Paperwhite, while saving the Touch for my mom. 

Both ebooks weight and size the same. They have the same proportions. Using the Touch and then switching to Paperwhite did not pose me any problems: the navigation is still the same, the use of the dictionary, note, highlight, search ect. functions are the same. Also, the battery life is as long lasting for both ebooks, and I still have that 'book' feeling when reading the Paperwhite or the Touch, which is nice. And of course, no glare!

At first glance, you can tell that the Paperwhite is "prettier" than the Touch. I love it's polished black case, it gives the kindle that minimalist pretty look. Besides the look, some hardware differences can be noticed right away: the absence of the "Home" button on the Paperwhite, the lack of the earphone jack. Even the charger input is smaller compared to the previous version, because the data cable is different too. I am not sure why Amazon decided to get rid of the earphone jack - which served the purpose of listening to MP3s and Audiobooks on your kindle. Paperwhite has been really downsized in that department, serving only for the purpose of reading books. It doesn't bother me, as I never used the audio function of my Kindle Touch, but if you are a big audiobook kind of reader(listener), then you should definitely take this into account.

Once you turn on the Kindles, at first glance, there isn't much of a difference.  Sure there is the light that greets you when you power the Paperwhite and the menu bar has new options such as sharing/ accessing your Goodreads/Facebook/Twitter accounts which lack in the Touch. Also, there is a "Home" button on the menu bar, that is not found in Touch, since the later has a dedicated button on the front of the ebook. When turning on the ebooks, you first have to swipe past the special offer to access the library in Paperwhite, whereas, in Touch you don't need to do that extra step. Paperwhite also has a new function: the integrated background light. You can regulate it's intensity from brighter to dimmer screen, depending on your light needs. The software is more up to date in the Paperwhite than the Touch, but nothing too big that you might miss on if you chose to get a Touch.

Yes and no. I love the light function and the fact that I can quickly access my goodreads account for rating purposes but that is all that is really new about the Kindle Paperwhite. If it hadn't been for my mom wanting my Touch, I would still be using the previous version of Kindle for my readings. As I mentioned beforehand, if you enjoy audiobooks, then the Paperwhite might not be for you. Also, the price! When I bought my Kindle Touch back in 2012, it was about 100 dollars. Compare the starting price with the Paperwhite, the later comes out to be more expensive at $139. Of course, it is now possible to get the Kindle Touch for so much less ( my friend got hers for $40). 

If you are thinking about getting an eReader, you should really think about what exactly you want to get from it. Is reading a book the only thing you will need? Would you like to access the internet too? Listen to music? What about audiobooks? Maybe you'd prefer the Fire or any other tablet that enables you to watch movies? How important is the battery life for you? Do you care about the special offers that the Kindle comes with (unless if you have it removed for that extra $20)? 

In the end you are the only one who knows what's best for you, and how much you are willing to spend for such a gadget!


  1. I have a basic Kindle and I have no intention of upgrading it. Sure, being able to read it in the dark would be handy but you can't read a real book in the dark anyway! Plus I can switch a lamp on. I only need it for reading books and it does the job perfectly!

    1. Exactly my point, Mizhenka! Like I said, if it wasn't for my mom, I would still be using my Kindle Touch. The upgrade isn't really necessary with such gadgets, since they serve only one function : read books ;)
      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. EEEE I want one for the convenience of having multiple books in one thing, but then I also just want to have lots of books! My grandma has a Kindle and loves it, but that's probably because she has really bad eyesight and you can adjust the size of the text. Maybe I'll wait til I'm old. But by then there'll probably be some holographic device where the characters will appear out of nowhere and act the book out to you.

    Kirsten |

    1. haha that would be sad - if the characters acted out the book for you, because then there would be no reason to read one, would it? I think you should get one. You probably can find a used one on eBay or Amazon for like 20 or $40 if you don't want to spend too much on it. Or if you have Amazon Prime, you can make payments on the Kindle Paperwhite ;) Personally, I think it is a good investment.


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