With the heat wave in Douala, I have been dreaming of an easy way to hydrate my skin. I came across Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion and find it intriguing. It is supposed to be very lightweight and easy to apply as well as fights greatly the dryness of the skin. Sounds like something I need to try, when I am back in the US (drugstores in Cameroon unfortunately do not carry most of these products). 

Being home, I also get to use more often Nivea creams and I am always reminded of how wonderful they are. In fact, I have been a Nivea girl since I could walk, my mother loving their products. Moving to the US of course caused me to forget about this gem and look up other brands. In the end, I am always happy to get Nivea... it's like coming home all over again. Note to self: get a tin of Nivea cream to carry around in my purse for when I need good hydration.

Speaking of hydration... I need a serum. I used to use Burt's bees skin-care line a couple of years ago and I liked their products. I just realized that they started making serums to soften the skin, and I am very intrigued. I guess I could use some Naturally Ageless Intensive Repairing Serum in my daily skin routine.

When it comes to lipsticks, I am always careful of what I buy and always on the lookout for new colors to try. I love lip balms that are easy to apply and that compliment my skin tone. ColorBurst Matte Balm from Revlon looks appealing and something I could easily get used to. Need to try it ASAP.

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