I've been meaning to begin this column around here for a while. I sort of attempted it once or twice, but wasn't convinced that it was the right fit. I think this time I know what exactly I am looking forward to share with you over the weekends, so please, take a seat and enjoy this new series! If you have links that you think I would love to visit, you can either leave them in the comments section for me, or email me at skatterednotes@gmail.com. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Blog - I have been reading Louise's blog for years now. I love how she takes the time into putting together outfits and transcribe her passion for the XIXth century. If you love to look at pretty things, head over to Miss Pandora now!

Photography - One of my favorite instagram accounts to follow for daily dose of beauty is the account of Russian Lena, known to the instagram world as @dorogaya (= "dear", "darling"). Lena always has beautiful shots from her daily life to share.

Escape - I was thinking about how much i would like to visit Bali. This desire first ignited while I was devouring "Eat, Pray, Love" and has remained somewhere in the corner of my brain... Luckily, until I can actually fly out there, I can enjoy the beauty of Bali through the lens of Jamie and visit the temple on the lake...

Eat - A while back I had this HUGE craving for some shredded beef. After hours perusing the web, I finally came across this recipe by Add A Pinch which is just wonderful! I have since made this multiple times, and have yet to be disappointed.

Music - The following song has been on my mind all day. Boots featuring Beyonce is just a wonderful duet. If you are not a Queen B fan, give this song a shot. Boots - who is an emerging songwriter/singer/producer/compositor did a great job with this song that really feels like a dream...

Inspire - One of my goals in life is to master food photography, among other types of photography. And reading about how to get to that level on wonderful blogs like Alessandra's Behind the Lines really does inspire me and pushes me to better myself.


Well I hope you will enjoy these links as much as I did. I will be back on Tuesday. Until then, hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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