Happy Sunday everyone!

Can you believe it is already February? 2014 barely started that it wants to fly by already!
It is such a grey day outside, that all I want to do is curl up in bed and watch silly movies and sleep. Although I am comfortably hiding under my comforter, I have to study! I have a physiology exam next week, as well as a sort of quizz (they call it Team Based Learning). So I am trying to get myself ready for it, while ingurgitating tons of hot tea. With the weather constantly changing, I was an easy prey to the cold front. Now I am left behind with a running nose and a gone voice. I hope it will ease up by tomorrow, so that I can participate in class discussions, otherwise I will just have to whisper my way through the day.

February is filled with birthdays, and I cannot wait to celebrate - even from afar, with my friends and family. I have a lot of planning to do. Besides that, I really want to get back into writing letters, and working on my summer novel. Other February goals include: keep up with my workout, run in the CowTown, read more, spend time with my friends and take more pictures with my camera (the poor thing has been sitting at home).

What are your February goals? Anything you're looking forward to?



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  1. My big goal is surviving until March without punching the stupid weather in the face. Ambitious, I know! Hope your runny nose is better!

    1. Haha that is a pretty ambitious goal indeed! But I so second that! Luckily for me, this week's weather has been wonderful. I even wore my summer dress and flats to school one day! My dripping nose is history now, thank you for inquiring :D I hope February is treating you better!


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