Well one can definitely say that I have been a busy bee around here. As I was enjoying my breakfast and thinking up of the next blogpost I would write for you, I found myself tweaking with the blog's layout and before I knew it, I completely redesigned the blog. That minus a few things such as the navigation bar on top and bottom. I like the scrolling bar, but I decided to make it a bit transparent, which looks better once you start scrolling down. I moved the blog's title to the sidebar, and of course changed the sidebar's emplacement - from right to left. I thought that adding a textured background would also be a nice addition, so I settled for wood. Widgets also got framed, and I think it makes the whole design look more polished. I also decided to uninstall Disqus, because it was not integrating properly on blogger, and the number of comments were off and showing at the wrong places. So now, the blog is free of comments since Blogger does not have a function for importing comments like does Wordpress. Oh well, you gotta lose some to get some, right? I am very pleased with the overall design.

I hope you like Skattered Notes 0.2 as much as I do!



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