You know how people get overly excited about New Years Eve and getting into the new year, every year? Well, I don't usually do that. Usually I tend to stay at home.

Of course, sometimes there are exceptions to the rule. Sometimes I surprise myself in doing something new and different... well in agreement with my theory of "something new for the new year".

A week ago, my friends and I spoke about going to downtown Dallas to celebrate the New Years Eve. Of course, 24 hours before the event we all decided against it but couldn't quite resolve ourselves to stay at home watching TV. Boring!  MJ was the instigator of all good things: she proposed we all meet at her boyfriend's place and then hit the bowling alley for some more celebration. I baked a very alcoholic Black Forest Cake (and after a bite or two decided that I should not be as generous with alcohol on cakes), and MJ and I ran to the local Central Market to grab some food and booze. It was all put together last minute, and the menu was composed an hour before we had to gather... and it really worked well in our favor. 

We started with some salami and cheese, as well as some guacamole and salsa and chips. Then we switched to some veggie-chicken dumplings with a really tasty dipping sauce MJ elaborated for us. All of it washed with a good Merlot and some beer for the boys (of course).

Once 11PM hit, we decided it was time to cut the cake and pour some bubblé while continuing to talk and listen to music...

We then took a walk in the winter cold toward the Lucky Strike - the local fancy bowling alley. It is a really good place to party; not only does it have a sort of restaurant inside, a bar and a bowling alley, there is also a DJ who plays really good music so that you and your friends can dance while dining out or bowling or drinking...or all of the above! It was a really good idea MJ had to take the party down there. 

As we crossed the doors of the Lucky Strike, the bells rang midnight. We were greeted with free flutes of champagne...

Everyone was in a very cheerful mood. We jocked, talked about science and research, the boys related their stories from medical school and while we were expanding on the things that happened to us in lab. We then put our game face on and holding our flutes in one hand and our bowling shoes in another, went off to play for an hour...

It was close to 4AM today when I finally reached my bed. But I wouldn't have it any other way. The New Years Eve celebration was very low key and yet very fun. I laughed so hard that my sides are still hurting. 

2014 is now officially here! I hope you got to enjoy your New Years Eve as much I did, and I wish you all a very...
     Image Source: We Heart It

+ Address Book +

Lucky Strike (Unfortunately they closed a few months later in 2015)
2845 W 7th St,
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 566-1470

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