Aaaaah! Sunday is already here and is quickly slipping by... And I still have so much to do. Outside is such a beautiful day. I wish the weather could last until next weekend... but apparently we will be having snow on Tuesday (brrr...). Only in Texas do we go from 25C to -4C within a matter of days! Oh well, I guess I shouldn't be complaining considering that our friends up North are living through a really cold winter.

READING // I have been reading my Physiology notes and books, but also, slowly making my way through White Teeth by Zadie Smith. White Teeth was our book-club's choice for January, and so far I am enjoying it. I really hope it will be a good read, despite the very contradicting reviews found online. 

WATCHING // This weekend I caught up with the latest episodes of Reign and The Originals

LISTENING TO // Re-listening to Beyoncé's 'BEYONCE' album, and indulging on Kacey Musgrave's 'Same Trailer, Different Park' album. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO // Our French themed dinner party with MJ, spending time with my new friends. Improve my running. Start my project in the Immunology lab soon.

LOVING // Homemade bread. I just can't get enough. This morning had to make a batch of French Baguettes with homemade Boursin. The weather is also amazing today. Sipping on Brasilian dark coffee while skyping with my family and Vivi. Mhmm. Life couldn't get better right now.


  1. Awwwww, that sounds like a perfect way to spend a day!:) Bread, Beyonce, and books - what more could one want? And did you take that photo yourself? It looks so delicious T.T

    1. Thank you, Esther. Yes it is a nice way to spend time, except when you have to also read for school >_< As for the picture, yes, I took it. If there is no credit following the picture, you can assume it is my work ;) Thank you for dropping by!


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