Mhmmm Korean Food. Can you smell it? Can you see the fumes emanating from my bowl of soup? Doesn't it all look beautiful and tasty? If you've answered 'yes' to all of my questions, then my dear you are on the right track, as far as food is concerned.

When MJ phoned me yesterday before lunch inquiring about my day plans and when we came to the conclusion that since neither of us had nothing better to do on a gloomy Saturday, MJ asked me if I was up for some Korean BBQ. Of course my answer was a 'YES'. I can never pass the opportunity to try new places and treat my pallet with delicious foods. So that was a no brainer, was it? Anyway, as we drove to Dallas, chatting about random things, excited to try this restaurant that has earned good reviews on Yelp, we missed a couple of exists, and got lost. Not one time but probably like five or six times. The reason for this was that my phone was out of juice and MJ's was really slow on providing real time directions, so yeah... we ended up turning around, but managed to keep a good spirit, still excited to taste this food. Well, little did we know that there were more than one Royal lanes in the same area of Dallas! As we diligently followed the GPS lady, we quickly found ourselves in a residential area...clearly not a place for a Korean restaurant or even K-town. We stopped and re-checked the address. Put it back in the GPS and it was STILL telling us that we had arrived to our destination. MJ then decided to call the restaurant but none of the people spoke English, and the only lady who was able to understand some, had hard time explaining to us how to find them. Luckily for us, we where able to extract a more accurate direction from the GPS after we'd asked Google to guide us to the restaurant. When we had finally found our way to K-Town, we were again hopeful, and REALLY hungry by that time. But even in K-Town, finding the restaurant proved quite challenging since all of the signs were written in Korean with very small English headings. After more driving around and squeezing our eyes to find the sign for the restaurant, here it stood: Ajumma Kimbob Deli. Of course no BBQ was served at this place, but that was okay with us, since the weather was more designed for a good steaming bowl of soup.

MJ and I ordered some soup and some sushi - which by the way were deliciously sweet and really fresh. Although we had struggled to get there, we were happy we did. The food was delicious and fresh, the price was pretty low considering the amount of food we got. We are definitely going back.

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2240 Royal Ln
Dallas, TX 75229
Dallas, TX
$ (Inexpensive)

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