Well, the month of October has surely gone by fast. It was a really busy month for me, spent running around and studying hard. I am a little bit over half way through with my first semester as a Graduate student and I must say that it has been quite challenging. Despite all that, I wanted to share with you a few things that have made this month a good one and that have kept me going.
  • Tea. I cannot spend a day without drinking at least two cups of tea. I am a huge teaholic. I don't know why, but it calms me, and at the same time gives me a lot of energy to go on. This month I have been particularly enjoying Moroccan Mint Tea as well as Earl Grey Black Tea

  • Decorating. Since I really don't have lot of time on my hands, I was happy to be able to make baby steps in the whole decoration process. I got some christmas lights around the apartment to lit up at night, as well as a couch for my living room. I cannot wait for the winter break to really do more around here.

  • Eating better. And healthier. I have made it a point to eat at least one fruit and a yogurt for breakfast. It really helps me stay focus in class and to be productive.

  • Rainy days. I like them because for one, I sleep like a baby and for two it is a perfect time to rest underneath my covers with a good book or movie and a warm cup of tea. Even when life gets crazy, it is important to remember to just take a time off and relax.

  • Best dressed. I make it a point to leave my home looking nice. It doesn't matter if it is all dressed up or "business casual" but the thing is - when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, well... who can stop you from achieving your goals?

  • Treat myself. From time to time, I will pop into a local bakery and treat myself to something sweet. My current bakery obsession is the Swiss Pastry Shop in Fort Worth, that serves breakfast and lunch as well as pastries that are just to die for. And when I cannot get my hands on one of their goods, well, I turn to my cookbooks! Right now I am exploring the Taste of Home Cookbook, which is just a gem!

  • Stay connected. I keep in touch with my family through Skype and texting. I talk to my brothers and mom almost every day and to my dad at least twice a week. Feeling like my family is by my side, really uplifts me and gets me going. Also, hearing my dog's Lucy happy barking in the background, really makes me happy. Now if I could just squeeze her in my arms...
How was your month of October? What got you going this month?

PS: How do you like my new layout?


  1. mm, tea! we recently added sweet pumpkin harvest tea to our collection. eating better, dressing up, and treating myself are part of my recipe for feeling on top of things! my october was great, it was resting.. here's to a new month!

    1. Oh! Sweet pumpkin harvest tea sounds like a good addition! What brand of tea do you fancy? As for dressing up and treating yourself, I think that is the most important step for feeling great :) Thank you for stopping by and here is to a new month!


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