The library is so quiet and empty this morning. People are still in class and taking exams. We have a test coming up on Monday and I am just hanging out in the library, sucking in some silence and gathering my thoughts together while sipping on some coffee. I enjoy my time spent in the library. I always joke about how it is my home more than my actual apartment. All that is missing here is a bed with my name on it (that's how much I stick around).

I finally ordered my internet and should be able to blog more often from now on. I just get so caught up with school work that I can't think of anything else. I have so many stories and photos to share with you guys! It's just a matter of getting everything together. I will get better at this, I promise.

Anyway, time for me to go back to my books. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Jolie Photo :) en Noir et blanc ca Accentue encore le Côte Vide et silencieux de la Biblio...
    Ah cool pour l'internet, je me rejouis Deja de nouveaux posts et Surtout photos :)


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