Labor day is now over and it is time to get back to the regular weekly routine. I must say that it was a good long weekend. I didn't realize how much I actually needed a real break (after two weeks of intense lectures and exams) until this past weekend. I took upon the opportunity to escape to Oklahoma and visit with my girlfriends Jacki and Natsumi. Eating good food and shopping were the main occupations for us, besides a Saturday night out at the new club "Social" in Bricktown, OKC. I actually knew this club back when it used to be "Rock Bar" but was pleased with the lift it got. I am not sure if the management changed or if they just decided to give a new image to the club, but either way, Social is a great place to go party, if you are into that kind of thing. The DJ was great. By the end of the night my feet were aching from all the dancing but I didn't regret a bit of it.

Natsumi and I had a lunch date on Sunday, and we headed to Zorba's. It was a really delicious Greek restaurant and their peta bread! just delicious!  The service and the location were great too, we had zero complains by the end of our meal. We ordered a gyro plate as well as a humus plate and shared it. It was way too much for both of us but we couldn't stop eating. Seriously, if you happen to go to Oklahoma City and you love mediterranean food, please go to Zorba's. They are opened from Monday until Sunday.

Shopping wise, I couldn't resist the Calvin Klein flats which remind me so much of the Chanel ones. They are very comfortable and made out of leather, which adds up to their beauty. I will probably need to get a second pair of flats so as not to overwear these. I also spotted a box of English tea (The London Cuppa) and had to try it. It is very robust and full of flavor which I love. Natsumi and I also went to the Asian market where I got a few seaweed snacks.
Yesterday, I was already back in Fort Worth and got to catch up on school reading as well as cook for the week. On the menu: baked shrimp with vegetables on the bed of rice. Also, I made some banana fake ice cream with Nutella and it was to die for! 

All and all it was a good long weekend. 

How did you celebrate your Labor day weekend? If you don't have a Labor day weekend, how was your weekend? Did anything special?


Zorba's Mediterranean Cuisine & Bar
6014 N May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73112-4240 
+1 (405)947-7788
Asian Market

 2722 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107

+1 (405) 601-0205


  1. Contente que tu es pu souffler un peu et Revoir Tes Amies :)
    J'imagine bien l'agreable week end que tu as du passer, Surtout en mangeant de si bonnes Choses ^.^
    Aww Les Snacks a l'algue trop Bons, Surtout ceux en combinaison Un Genre de Biscuits de Faut aussi que je m'achete du matcha Demain en Esperant trouver Car j'ai envie de me faire la Glace Au matcha ...

  2. Ah Au Fait si c'est pas encore Fait il faudrait Gouter la salade a l'algue Wakame c'est aussi Bon :)

    1. Ah? Non je n'ai pas encore goûté cette salade! Je vais chercher ça en magasin alors. Sinon oui, les snacks la sont trop bon MIAM MIAM et ça m'a fait un bien fou de pouvoir m'évader le temps d'un weekend.


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