Because we had nothing better to do.

Because we wanted to explore.

Because Dima wanted to go to the beach.

Because it was really a hot and beautiful day.

Because it was a good excuse to get out our cameras.

So many reasons why we ended up in Limbe that day, all good ones too! We got there in the afternoon during week day, only to find the beach empty (if you don't count two or three brave fellows). It wasn't too hot there (thanks to the ocean), and the sun was setting down. The water was at its best: not too wild in terms of waves, and at a good temperature. We played in the sand and had fun like little kids. Before heading out, we spotted a tree that had fallen over the ocean and was hovering it and we hopped on it to watch the sun set down. 

It was a great way to conclude our day.

It was really one hell of a day.


  1. your blog is unfairly beautiful.. your photos, your words.. love.


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