This drawing is the result of a request made by my friend Jess for her living room. She wanted something in black and white and that represented either a city or a dancer. My first instinct was to draw a city, but then again, I didn't really wanted to fall into cliches of famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tour or the Coliseum. And because I am a huge ballet lover, I decided to draw her a ballerina. As for the choice of the medium, it was done on a whim. In fact, I did remember how fun it had been drawing with charcoal four or five years ago, when I had worked on a piece for the annual art show. I wanted to have fun with this piece and to make it stand out in its own way. This is how I figured that a silhouette of a ballerina would be a perfect way to represent all that I had in mind. Tomorrow we are to frame and hang this piece and I cannot wait to see how well it will fit on her walls...

PS: Drawing on a big scale again gave me some ideas for my own apartment. Can't wait to move in and put them in practice!


  1. Such a beautiful drawing! I love painting and find it quite soothing, do you as well?

  2. Thank you, Ashley! I am not a very good painter but I agree, drawing soothes me :)

  3. I love it! It looks so good. Well done you :)


    Jasmine @


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