Carla Bruni is definitely one of my favorite French singers and personalities. I can listen to her voice for hours without feeling annoyed or getting tired. It's like a warm summer wind caressing your skin while you try to relax on the beach...

Little French Songs is her fourth studio album and for those of you familiar with Bruni's musical style, has nothing to surprise you with. And that is a good thing - in my opinion. When most artist try to dive into new musical styles that are so different from their original repertoire, Carla Bruni stays faithful to her musical style and to her voice. I found this album to be more fun and alive compare to her first studio album Quelqu'un m'a dit (2003). The guitar, which is Carla's favorite instrument to sing along to, figures on most of the tracks of the album, and recorded acoustically, which gives to the songs a ballad-like charm. The musical arrangement of this album is just great, in my opinion. While the songs call for strings and other instruments, one cannot miss the guitar that always plays in the background and that goes so well with Carla's pretty and a bit smoky voice which isn't hidden behind the instrumentals, but instead is very well put in front. Overall, the album is very mellow and pleasant to the ear; almost an invitation to daydream...  

  • Album: Little French Songs
  • Artist: Carla Bruni
  • Amazon: Purchase
  • Label: Barclay
  • Released: 29/03/2013 in France and 16/04/2013 in US


  1. la seule chanson d'elle que je connais et aime c'est bien sur "c'est quelqu'un qui m'a dit" XD
    sinon la chanson est pas mal, surtout la mélodie quoi ^^

  2. Oui je l'adore cette chanson (et l'album). Ce 4e album est vraiment bien, je ne fais que le repasser en boucle :P

  3. Ah thank you for reminding me of her. Now I have to add this to my playlist for work!

  4. It's always a pleasure :D


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