Hot Cocoa (C) PastryAffair
The wind was picking up outside, moving the trees' branches in all directions, as if it if were guiding it in a waltz. The sky, already grey, was getting darker and darker as the hour was fleeting. Anyone would be mad to be walking outside in such a terrible weather. She stepped away from the window and looked at the wall clock; it was barely ten in the morning and the day had yet to start. She sighted, wishing she could have stayed in bed today, snuggling in front of the TV a warm bowl of Ramen noodles in her hands. Helas, there was no way she was getting out of this office before the day was over. There was still so much to do. A glance at the pile of folders awaiting her confirmed that. While she was setting herself behind her desk, a soft knock on her door drew her attention. Gail.

 “Care for some hot cocoa?” she offered, stepping in a fuming cup in her hands.

 Gail was a sort of guardian angel, always popping in with something to gift her with. She really made work more enjoyable. And just that was enough to keep her warm. She looked up from her monitor, as Gail was setting the cup on the wooden desk.

 “Where did you get hot cocoa?” she smiled, grabbing the cup in her hands.

 “I always keep a box in my office for days like this. And you looked like you needed one, Em.”

 Emily smiled again. Was she really this easy to read? So much for trying to cultivate a mysterious side.

 “I did. It’s such a gloomy day, and all I want is to go back in bed. Thank you, Gail. Really” she said in between two sips. The hot liquid did not take too long to spread through her body, warming all the limbs and bringing back some color to her already pale complexion. Gail just waved her hand, as if to tell her not to worry about this, that it was all her pleasure. A moment later, Emily was alone again in her office, her cup tightly held near her chest, a contempt air on her face. For a moment, she felt bad for not having a box of chocolate to offer her friend and co-worker. She made a mental memo to get a box to keep in her office for occasions like these, next time she was out shopping.

 Now that she was suitably warm, the day ahead of her did not look so daunting.

This flash fiction is part of the Flash Fiction 365 project. I decided to take part in this project as a mean to better my writing as I keep working on my novel. 
Genre: Narrative, Short Story, Workplace Tell-All
Prompt:  Prompt #1 - Suitable Warm
Word Count: 425/500


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