Yesterday I officially turned 25 years old. Twenty-five! Can you believe it? I still can't. It feels like I was just twenty yesterday. This year was my second time celebrating my birthday at home with my family and I must say that it was such an improvement compare to last years birthday. 

The day started somewhat in a rush. Since my birthday fell on a weekday, everyone was rushing to work and we had to cut the cake at 8AM because I wasn't sure when everyone would gather at home and I knew it would probably be after 9PM - which was a good guess. So my morning started with me blowing out candles and everyone wishing me a happy birthday before my dad and I dived into our morning "Good Morning Politics" talk. Once everyone was off to work and I was left behind at home alone, I took the liberty of staying in my pajamas for quite a while, drinking hot tea, talking on the phone with my grandma and her sister and reading my mails and all the birthday messages that were kindly showered on my FB page.

Later on my girlfriends came over for tea and we chatted for a little bit before it was night time and time for them to go. I got to Skype with Vivi and Jacky and even talk on the phone with Natsumi (the poor girl was starving in the parking lot because she wanted to talk to me before taking the road). I also got a surprise call from my dear Jeanne. It was all and all an international celebration.

When I thought that the day was quite over and I was readying myself for bed, my older brother showed up with beautiful tropical flowers and candy for me. I was very touched. You are probably wondering what I got for my birthday? The truth is I am not too big on gifts, I feel like it is not necessary. What is important for me is that the people remember me that day and that those I care about are all well and can celebrate with me my birth day. But I did nevertheless get a few gifts, among which is money to buy furniture for my apartment when I move back to US and some African decorations to take back with me (I shall show them next time). Oh and tomorrow my mom's friend is taking me and my mom out for lunch at a local Chinese restaurant, which should be fun :)

All and all it was a great birthday, quiet and so thoughtful. I smiled a lot and splurged on too much chocolate cake. I can't wait to see what this +1 year in my book will have in reserve for me. But I can say that so far, twenty five looks great from where I stand...


  1. oh, happy belated birthday. wishing you a most amazing year ahead xxxx

  2. Happy Belated Birthday.

  3. Will you do a post soon on your Us plans? I have been following your blog and anxiously awaited for what's next for Established in the Tropics!

  4. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful day :)

  5. Thank you, Cee! It was indeed a wonderful day :)

  6. I am always happy to "meet" my "new" followers! I was planning to do a post on my moving back to US. I can't give you an exact date on when it will be available on the blog, but my guess would be end of July ;)

    Thank you for reading my blog, I really appreciate it!


  7. Thank you. I find your content and story so inspiring. Where will you be going ? Oh and possibly can you do another DYI? I enjoyed your reader case so much.

  8. Thank you for your kind words, Ashley :) I will be moving to Texas, DFW area. As for the DIY, I will see what I can do. Glad you enjoyed the last one ;)

  9. What will you be doing ? Art school? Thank you so much for the next DIY.

  10. Biomedical Sciences ;) Art is just a hobby but who knows? maybe some day I might turn it into something else

  11. contente que ce se soit bien passé :>
    sinon j'aime tes cheveux ils poussent bien, la chance T.T

  12. Hihi, en effet. J'ai ete agreablement surprise par leur nouvelle longueur! Les tiens n'ont toujours pas repousse?? Quand a l'anniv c'etait simple et bien :)

    PS: Je me fais vielle, sniiiiffff

  13. Ils ont un peu poussé le problème c'est que les bouts sont en mauvais état donc il faudrait que je coupe mais j'ai pas le courage lol
    Ah ah a 50 ans tu diras si je pouvais encore avoir la moitié ;) et puis tu fais jeune physiquement :)


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