It's been a couple of months since I last blogged and I apologize again. Truth is, you never know when technology will fail you and for how long. To make up to you, and to thank you for still keeping up with my blog, I decided it was time for a good DIY project. Before we dive into the steps, I just want to say that when I decided to make the case for my Kindle, it was the result of 1/being tired of my store bought case, 2/not having a place here where to get a new case (eBooks haven't made their way to central Africa yet) and 3/ because I was bored and wanted to craft something with the leftover tribal fabric! So that's the little background story for this project.

Now let's make a case for your ebook...

Whether you have a Kindle, a Nook or any other eReader, this tutorial can be adapted easily to the dimensions of your book. Just make sure to take the right measurements! For this project I will be working with a Kindle Touch.

You'll need: Fabric glue + paintbrush + fabric of your choice (about 1m or more) + cardboard(the best is to recycle packaging cardboard) + scissors + pen + ruler + paper cutter + ebook + some old newspaper (the best is from old magazines) + 2-4 hairties( that will match your fabric)

Here's how you'll make it:
  • If you are using a box from a teapot or hairdryer or whatever else, start by unfolding the box, so that you can have a flat board laying in front of you. Place your eReader on the box and jauge for the rough dimensions you'll need to cut for your cover. My Kindle Touch was around 16 cm high and I added a few cm on the top and bottom which gave me 18.3cm for my cover. You can see on picture 1 how I traced before cutting off anything that was outside of the borders. Note that you'll need three (3) sides to your cover. What I did was to just keep a side with the corner that was glued to the other corner in the original box (since it's already folded) and then just cut a second side out of the box.

  • When you have your boards ready, it's time to assemble them: cut a piece of newspaper and glue it to the recto and verso of the boards, so that your 3 (or two) pieces become one. Let the glue dry and then fold your cover.
  •  Now open your cardboard cover and replace your eBook on it to make sure that you've got the dimensions right. On the photo above, I had 3cm hanging from front and back cover, which i cut off so as to end up with a well fitted cover:
  • Now it's time to fix the hairties onto the cardboard. Using your pen, make diagonal marks from your eReader onto the board to see where the line would start and end on the corners. In my case, I just used two corners, but i'd suggest you used three if not all four of the bottom cover (for better support of your ebook). Once you have marked the holes, use the paper cutter to perforate the cardboard. Cut your hairtie to have one string instead of a circle, and slide each end through one hole. Tie the ends on the other side. You can use tape to fix the tie so it won't move. Repeat for the other corners. Note: Make sure that your kindle can fit into the newly made loops and that it stays put. If it's too loose, redo the tie. This is what you should get in the end:
  • At this point, you'll notice that the hairties will distort the cover from the back if you apply straight to this structure the fabric. To avoid that, lets cut out another piece of cardboard that will be of the same dimension as the back side of the cover. Using folded newspaper, you can level that extra piece of cardboard by gluing it on those piece of paper:

  • In order to unify all of this, wrap the new cover with newspaper that you'll glue on it. Once the newspaper has dried, you can now glue your fabric on it! You will have to make sure to leave out corners. Just fold the fabric like you would do with paper and make pretty angles! If you need to (like i did), make a separate rectangle out of your fabric and glue it to the inside of the cover, thus covering the angles you had to glue and also, giving you the opportunity to add some straps to keep the cover together when you are not reading.

And voilà! A simple and very light case for yourself or to gift to a loved one! There are so many things you could do to "pimp" this case, like for example adding a back pocket with fabric to store some notes or hold your night light! From here the possibilities are unlimitted.

Concept, photography and styling by Colette Ngo Ndjom for Skattered Notes.


  1. sympa, tu as eu une bonne idée et ça peut servir pour ceux qui veulent ebook case unique qui leur ressemble :)

  2. Oui en effet :) Comme quoi l'ennui me pousse à être un peu créative :P


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