Sunday Luna, Scott and I ventured uptown for brunch. I had never been to Henry's Majestic before yesterday, and it was a pleasant experience.

The restaurant is located Uptown Dallas, and offers complimentary valet parking to the patrons. The wait time was around 20 Minutes when we got there, which wasn't too bad, considering that we were still working our appetites.

We were seated outside, as the weather was quite pleasant - considering Texas heat index reputation.

One thing that caught my eye about Henry's Majestic was their mimosa bar. The concept is quite unique, and I haven't seen it yet at any other brunch spots in Dallas. Basically, if you purchase a bottle of bubbly, you can then go to the mimosa bar and build your own mimosa. The bar features a carafe of freshly squeezed orange juice, some berry compote/ juices and well as cut berries to garnish your drink. You can thus make your mimosa as sweet and as fruity as you like!

As far as food goes, I had to try their chicken and waffles! The chicken was good, and the whole meal was well portioned. I strongly recommend.

Scott had their Tamales, which were also good albeit a bit too salty.

Lyne had her egg Benedict burger. She said it was good - I didn't get a chance to taste it.

Overall we were pleased with our meal choices. We had a good laughter or two before parting. Brunch with friends is really the best.

What are some cool brunch concepts that you have encountered lately?
Henry's Majestic 
4900 McKinney Ave, 
Dallas, TX 75205

About two months ago, one of my friend's sister approached me with a commission for a crocheted jacket she had seen floating around the web. She wanted it in mustard yellow and sleeveless, to wear all year round.

I was excited to take on this project for a few different reasons:
  1. It was a welcoming break from the daily knitting I had gotten used to;
  2. It would be a quick project;
  3. It would be something new to try out;

Although the project itself has not been as complicated as many of my previous knit projects, I did encounter some hurdles, starting with the yarn. I had to actually order four different types of yarn from four different brands, in order to finally find the right color to work with. The other yarns were much off from what was advertised online, with the colors appearing too vivid in real life. I returned most the yarn, keeping a few that I thought would be fun to use in another project. The search for the right yarn took me about a month, before I was finally able to get started.

The jacket itself has been a fun project. Worked in the round, I adopted the now popular "mandala" pattern that we can easily see online. However, where most circular jackets are crocheted to offer a wavy-like collar, I wanted this piece to resemble more a classic vest, rather than an over-the-top bohemian attire. Hence the collar has been reworked to lay flat, with a mock "rib" pattern. I have a few more rounds left to work on the edges, before the piece can be worn.

If you too would like to work with me, please shoot me a message at, and we can talk shop!
You can follow the end result of this project on my dedicated instagram account @kalietaco.

With Hurricane Harvey hitting the south east of Texas, we had some rains here in the North Texas. I find rainy days to be perfect for soups, naps and lazy afternoons. Craving for some kimchi, I decided to venture to an asian market. The closest Asian markets are located in Haltom City, about 15-20 minutes from downtown Fort Worth.

Before venturing into the grocery store, my friend Rumi and I decided to go for a bowl of Phô, since we were already in the Vietnamese quarter. We entered the doors of Phở Thiên Ý, which we hadn't had the opportunity to try out before. The locale is a bit shabby, but it is never a reason enough to deter me from trying out the food.

The menu was brought out quickly to us. At first glance, there were plenty of items on the menu to choose from. Maybe a bit too much, as it got hard for us to make up our minds. I finally settled for a Spicy Beef Noodle soup, whereas Rumi went for a Chicken Tight Phô. I also ordered the classic Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk.

The food took a little while to come out. Once it did, we noted that the bowls were beautifully presented. However, that was all that we found exciting about this meal. The soups had an odd smell emanating from them. I wasn't sure what that was. We nonetheless dived in, putting aside our concerns. My soup wasn't spicy at all, despite its name. The noodles had been cooked beforehand and stored, and as such most were hard in constitution, as if under cooked. That threw me off. The beef also was questionable. Rumi's also had hard time with her Phô. We decided to just sip on the broth, before calling it quits. The coffee, which in my opinion, should have been a hit, was also a miss. The ratio espresso to condensed milk was off, making it a bitter brew.

We didn't stay long in the restaurant, and left as soon as we had paid. I had never been this disappointed about soup before, and despite the high reviews online, I will not be coming back again. There are things in life one should not flop, and poorly cooked noodles in an Asian restaurant, are definitely the one.

Phở Thiên Ý
5310 E Belknap St, 
Haltom City, TX 76117

I have been wanting a new camera for a while, not to replace my current Nikon DSLR, but rather to add to my collection and expand my photography. although I love my DSLR, I have to admit that it is bulky and not always the best companion on day-to-day trips. As such, I have found myself leaving it at home and relying on my iPhone's camera. Not the best alternative, but easy enough for me to have a camera at all times. It fits perfectly into my purse, and can thus be taken along on many outings.

When deciding on a new camera, I wanted something smaller, effective and with as much punch as a typical DSLR. I also wanted to start experimenting with mirrorless cameras, without breaking the bank (at least for now). After deciding between the SONY, Fujifilm and Olympus cameras, I finally set my mind on the Olympus OM-D EM-10. I am not going to review the camera, as there are plenty of professional opinions already shared on the web. However, I will say this: in the few days that I have had it, I've come to like this little camera. It has many features that my DSLR has, without all the bulkness. I also love that it has a Wi-Fi feature, which can enable me to share photos straight from my camera onto my phone, without having to wait to get home and connect to my laptop. A handy feature, when on the road and wanting to share the moment with the world.

I am looking forward to mastering the ins and outs of this little camera, and to take it along on my trips.

What camera are you using lately? Any on your wish list?

It seems like I have been living in a bubble, unaware of all the excitement a trip to the famous 85C Bakery Cafe could bring. It wasn't until a month or two ago, as I was chatting about desserts and Asian food with two of my Asian friends, that they mentioned this bakery, which I had read about on some blog a while ago, but was not really familiar with. My friends talked about how much they love visiting this bakery. I, of course, didn't pay much attention to it, as I had in mind a classic American style bakery, loaded with sugary pastries. Anyway, I was wrong.

An impromptu trip up to Richardson, TX led me to this little beauty of bakery. I usually fear the hype, as people tend to over glorify things that are just okay if we are honest, but I must say that 85C Bakery was everything but. In fact, the moment I stepped in, my eyes could hardly keep up with all the beautiful pastries carefully displayed behind glass. I later learned that this was a Taiwanese chain, and that this year, they are celebrating their 1000 stores around the world! With that comes a 15% discount on your purchases.

Even though i could hardly resist all the beautiful pastries displayed in front of me, I decided to take it slow, and only order a few different things to try, in case I might be disappointed. I was not. Everything I had ordered, was delicious. The cakes were not too sweet, and all were very airy. It was like eating dessert on a cloud. It was 8PM when I got there, and yet, the place was oozing with customers, and fresh bread was being made every 5 minutes. You could tell that this is a very popular spot among the Asian community. I wish they would open a location in Fort Worth! So far, there are 3 locations in North Texas, all an hour at least away from me. Despite this little sad fact, I am so ready to drive back there just to fill my tray with more goodies, and try the rest of the menu!

85C Bakery Cafe
400 N Greenville Ave #9, 
Richardson, TX 75081
Hours of Operation: 7AM- 12AM

I have never test knit before, but when I saw the camisole Tineke's design, I wanted to try it. It has been an interesting process. I am currently re-knitting the camisole, as my original attempt resulted in a size way to big for me to wear. Tineke has been nice enough to recalculate my measurements in order to provide me with an updated pattern from which to work on.

The pattern is knit top-down, which is again, is not my usual way of constructing garments. I prefer working from bottom-up, but knitting this camisole has actually been lovely. I might try more top-down constructions in the future. I decided to not embellish this camisole, and follow the pattern as is. I might knit another one and add a personal touch to it. 

I will share the final result once completed, but I wanted to share with you what I am currently working on.

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It's been a while since I went beauty shopping. I was at the North Park mall the other day, when I remembered I needed a new day cream for the hot weather ahead. And off I went into Nordstrom. One thing led to another, and I acquired a few necessities for the Texas summer.

Dior's Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Crème

Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Crème

For my day cream, I decided to try out Dior's Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Crème. I always wanted to try skin care products by Dior, but I never got around purchasing any. I have used the cream for over a week now, and I am in love. It is so light on the skin, smells really nice, and keeps it hydrated all day long. My skin being very sensitive, I always fear that I may react negatively to face products. But this one have been a pure pleasure to put on. As a sorbet, it cools down my skin, and feels like putting a water gel on, before it absorbs into my skin. I saw that the sorbet can be put in the refrigerator for an hour prior to use for an added coolness. I might have to try that when it really gets hot here. Also to note, this cream can also be applied at night, making it a good investment if one doesn't want to spend money on two creams.

Hourglass's Veil Mineral Primer

Veil Mineral Primer
My other wishlist beauty product was a good primer. Hourglass is a brand I am not particularly familiar with, having only slightly heard of it once upon a time. However, after testing it in store, I got swayed into buying it. It really feels like wearing a veil of silk on your skin. I have been wearing the primer both with and without makeup. The Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer provides broad spectrum SPF 15 protection, on top of being very light on the skin. It is a pure pleasure to wear, and serves multiple purposes beyond the standard priming role. In fact it also helps with redness by evening the skin tone, and it minimizes the look of visible pores, fine lines and imperfections. Even when I wear makeup, I find this primer to make the whole experience even more enjoyable. The foundation stays put all day, and even if I sweat, the makeup doesn't come off. Even with makeup on, my skin still feels light, as if I had nothing on. I love it.

Bobbi Brown's Lip Color 

Lip Color in Sandwash Pink
Lastly, I needed a new lipstick for everyday wear. I wanted something in a pink/nude tone and opted for the Bobbi Brown's Lip Color in Sandwash Pink. The color is not too bright, but perfect for what I had it intended for. It is like wearing blush on my lips, with a pink that strives more on a coral side, without the "neon" effect of most coral-like lip colors. The lipstick itself stays put on for long time, and doesn't smudge. 

Overall, I am pretty happy with my new beauty additions. I am already coveting the Dior Hydra Life serum, as well as Derek Lam Rain Day perfume from his new collection 10 Crosby.

It's been a while.

As much as I try to be consistent in my blogging, sometimes I just love disconnecting from the blogosphere and not even think about it for a while. Instead I wander around town, I catch up with friends and TV shows, I pick up new addictions (Korean dramas, anyone?), while motivating myself to lead a healthy(-ier) lifestyle.

Sometimes I miss this part of my life, and I find myself reaching out for the keyboard and slowly tuning back in.

Today is one of those days.

So what's new with me, you ask?

Interestingly, things have been shifting a lot these past few weeks. After I'd made peace with the fact that I might not land a "real" job before the year is over, the universe decided otherwise.

That's right.

I landed myself a new job! I am still processing it, not sure if I should be excited or fearful. It's something I went to school for, yet it feels so new and unknown. I wonder if I will fit in my new role, or if I will like it as much as I like my current position? Change is good and necessary, but it is also scary. To wander into the unknown seems crazy, but also full of possibilities.

With that, I will need to relocate in a few months to come. The move will not be drastic, as I will be moving to Dallas - just 40 minutes away. There is a bitter-sweetness to it as well, as I love Fort Worth and consider it my home. However, I know Dallas will open new doors for me. That being said, I am excited to be apartment shopping soon. I wonder how my new home will look like.

Since I moved to the US back in 2007, I never had the need to own a car. As such, I have managed to live for so long without ever owning one. It may seem crazy, especially in a state like Texas where public transportation is not the best, and where everyone drives around, but I did it. However, moving to Dallas and starting a new professional journey, means getting a car. I have been thinking about what brand/model to acquire, and I think I have pretty much made up my mind.

Things are moving pretty fast, as you can see. I guess life is funny that way, you wait anxiously and nothing happens. The moment you start letting go, things start to set themselves in order.

And you, what have you been up to lately?

Hello friends,

This past weekend was a busy one. I went to Dallas for the day on Saturday, to study and catch up over dinner with my friend Lyna. Sunday, we both went to Louis Kahn's exhibition at the Kimbell Art Museum, here in Fort Worth. I had been wanting to go for a while now, so it was good that I finally got to do so. 

The admission to the exhibition is free and celebrates the talent of Louis I. Kahn, an American Architect who has marked the world of architecture with his beautiful legacy. Originally, I only knew him as the person behind the architecture of the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, TX. I had no idea that he was for one, also the person behind the famous Salk Institute, the National Assembly Building of Bangladesh, or the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park. I got the opportunity to learn more about the man himself, and of course about the architect. 
Some of Louis Kahn's children Pastels

The exhibit is just magnificent. It features sketches, photography of Kahn and his works, miniature models of his works, diary notes, passports with their stamps (to accentuate how much he traveled). It also highlights the complexity of the man. Kahn was not just passionate about architecture, he also loved Nature - from which he continuously gathered his inspiration, but also he was a Science admirer. This is especially seen in his contribution to the scientific world with beautiful institutions and laboratories built around the US and the world (i.e. Salk Institute).

Salk Institute
He also loved arts. We even get a glimpse at some pastel works from his children which were part of his collection, and all somewhat portray the way he viewed the world, in beautiful pieces that make architecture.

Kimbell Art Museum
As you can tell, I was really impressed by this exhibition. I love architecture as much as I love a good painting, and as such, this exhibit was very heartwarming.

If you are in town, make sure to stop by the museum. The exhibit will be open until June 25, 2017. 

Kimbell Art Museum
3333 Camp Bowie Blvd, 
Fort Worth, TX 76107


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